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This morning, I was sitting outside my house and happened to look at the grass beside me.

For some reason, clovers ‘popped’ out amongst the grass, right next to where I was. The little child in me came out. The one that wanted to find a ‘lucky’ four leaf clover!

And then, it dawned on me, that in 7 months of living here, I’d never noticed what was right in front of me, every single day! I had no idea clovers were right there – where I walked every morning and evening, and throughout the day.

I could actually be surrounded by ‘four leaf clovers’ and never even notice it, because my attention had been focused elsewhere.

Then, I thought…

How often are we surrounded by opportunity, without even realising it?

Perhaps because we’re focusing on other areas of our experience, or maybe things that don’t really need our attention.

Or maybe – we’ve been focusing on the problem, instead of the solution.

Particularly when there’s a challenge in our lives, it can be difficult to see what’s good, what’s possible, and what’s surrounding us that can help us succeed.

Sometimes, it just takes that small snapshot of peaceful time, to take stock and re-charge of our life.

Whether you’re in sales, you’re a business owner, or you’re CEO of a company – keep your eyes open to the opportunities surrounding you.

You never know where that ‘lucky’ four leaf clover may just be!

Here’s 3 Top Tips:

1. Mix up your routine. Even if it’s the route you take to work, what you do in your lunch break, or who you say “Good Morning” to. Ever just ‘happened’ to speak to a stranger, and without them knowing it, their one phrase was the answer you needed to your problem?

2. Take 5 minutes to observe your surroundings.¬†Really¬†absorb the detail around you. You may just find the answer you’ve been looking for, is right in front of you.

3. Ask yourself “what opportunity to enable me to succeed is within touching distance, right now?”

You may just find the answer to your burning question is much nearer than you think.

Stay Inspired,


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